A List Of Helpful Second Grade Math Homework Ideas

At the second grade level, the student is just learning how to form habits when it comes to getting math homework done. They probably won’t have problems assigned every single day, but doing a little practice between homework days is also a good idea and will better prepare them for learning and understanding all the concepts that will be presented over the course of the school year.

Making it fun while getting the work done

At this age, pictorial aids and charts, graphs or calendars are still fun. Here are some awesome ideas for helping your second grade student get their math questions done:

  1. Put up a calendar on their wall. Each day their get their assignments completed or spend a little time studying, let them stick a sticker on the calendar for that day.
  2. Use a monthly log. For each month, make a chart of homework days. Every time they complete one, they can color it in. At the end of the month they can earn a small reward for having a certain number of days colored in.
  3. Ask the teacher for extra practice sheets corresponding to the curriculum being covered in math class for the year. Use these sheets to help bolster their math skills in between homework assignments.
  4. Make sure your student has a comfortable place with no distractions where they can concentrate on getting their questions finished. It doesn’t need to be too secluded, as parents or older family members may need to check in on them from time to time or lend a hand when needed.
  5. Use two small baskets to separate assignments that haven’t been completed from those that have. This will help the child see at a glance whether or not they have unfinished math homework that needs to be done.
  6. As soon as the child comes home from school each day, teach them the habit of opening up their back pack or school bag and showing you what they did in each class. This way they won’t forget they had assigned school work, because you can see what they brought home. As they go through their papers they will be reminded of what they need to do for the next class.

Good math homework habits start at an early age. Second grade is the perfect time to instill good habits which will also give them added confidence.