4 Easy Ways To Get Pre-Calculus Homework Help Online

Precalculus is one of the hardest math classes that any high school student can participate in. As such, students tend to struggle through it, especially later in the year when the concepts get more and more difficult. Sometimes, you need a quick reminder of what to do, while other times, you need loads of help. Here are four quick ways to get whatever help you may need.

  1. Social Media: Students these days have a wealth of former student resources in the palm of their hands. Tweet someone for help, message someone on Facebook and utilize snap chat or Instagram. It’s just homework; your teacher wants you to be able to figure out how to do the problem, so use social media for good rather than just to look at pictures!
  2. Photo math: Your teacher may or may not have told you about this, but there is an app that you can use by taking a picture of the problem with your phone. The computer does some figuring and presto; you have the answer. My suggestion is, since it is homework, work your way back through the problem to make sure you understand how the answer was what it was.
  3. Online Tutors: If you are really struggling and need some outside help, there are always online tutors ready to help. A quick internet search will find you a plethora of online tutors, some who work for free, and others who will require payment for their services. You may also find some free fundamental help on websites like IXL that provide the foundational steps to major subjects.
  4. Online Textbooks and other Supplementary Material: Occasionally, teachers pull their information from online in various places, especially the extra work given to students. Not to mention, some textbooks are more descriptive in their examples than others, and it may help to look over their step by step process to supplement your skills and how the teacher taught you in class. The other materials can be an extra help when you really want to nail a given topic.

With any of these options, I would of course first recommend consulting your teacher and seeing if they can point you in any other direction as well. Use these as a safety net to make you feel confident in your abilities to complete your precalculus work and the course itself. There is no one right solution to finding help, so utilize all of the strategies together to get the most out of your online assistance.